NEW 5 Year Warranty!!

We have designed the perfect blender to help you through the journey of better health. It’s a 3 horsepower dynamo that liquifies fruits and vegetables to get the most vitamins, proteins and anti-oxitants from whole foods and turn them into one, delicious drink.

The Cleanblend™ blender is about half the price of its competition with all the same features. We guarantee the blenders for Five years and have hand chosen every detail.


The Cleanblend blender is a state of the art mixing, chopping, pureeing and liquefying machine. The blade was designed and made in Japan by artisan cutlery experts and the power to the blade is stronger than an other on the market. The Cleanblend blender Purees fruits and vegetables, blends smoothies, grinds grains, creates salad dressing, sauces, dips, baby food, soups and even ice cream. Come join the revolution!

Made in Japan, this 5 blade system was specifically designed to liquify fruits and vegetables and easily crush ice!

Double reinforced metal to metal driver to help transfer the full 3 horsepower from the motor to the blade. 

64oz BPA free container.  Easy to clean and durable.

Easy to follow dials makes it easy to increase power and to pulsate for full chopping.  3 horsepower motor, 1800 Watts, Thermally protected motor