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Forbes picked us as one of the best blenders!

The Cleanblend’s strong motor helps decimate berry seeds and ice, making creamier smoothies and piña coladas than… the Vitamix. Its newly-designed jar is made of thick, durable Tritan plastic and has a comfortable, grippy handle…

The Cleanblend’s motor has held up better than the Oster’s and is still going strong after four years of regular use.

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EATER.COM gave us a very good review!

In our smoothie test, the Cleanblend was one of the only blenders to process berry seeds.

The Cleanblend processes incredibly fine-textured smoothies and mixed drinks…….. If you can find it for $200, it’s a good value, particularly for making smoothies and slushy drinks.

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WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Comparable power for less money than the big brands – Read Blender Reviews

The blade assembly is made of food grade Japanese stainless steel, meaning it will last the test of time, and will likely far exceed this blender’s warranty of 5-years. The founders say their blender offers the same features and power as the competition (here’s looking at Blendtec and Vitamix) but at less than half the price.

And of note, Cleanblend ensures that their 64-oz jar is BPA free (virtually unbreakable) and that all of their blenders parts that touch food, juice, or ice are built from food grade materials. As a bonus Cleanblend includes a tamper wand, free of charge, which is great for safely pushing down frozen fruit and other food products that doesn’t always reach the blade.

This is our pick for best blender for the money.

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The Chicago Tribune LOVES US!

You typically see lower power levels and a shorter warranty period. The exception is the Cleanblend ($179 at, which has a five-year warranty and power equal to a Vitamix, but lacks name recognition. Inexpensive blenders include the Hamilton Beach.

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This is a great time to buy the Cleanblend blender while the price is still low and if you read the reviews a lot of people only had good things to say about this blender. This machine will be able to make smoothies, nut butter, soup, baby food, etc. and even crush ice without water. It will essentially replace several appliances which also saves you money while allowing you to eat healthier.

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The CleanBlend is probably the closest you can get in terms of power, styling and features of the coveted Vitamix, but at a considerably lower price point. It packs a punch of 1,800 watts, a metal-on-metal drive (many budget models are metal-on-plastic or even plastic-on-plastic), and the tamper ensures you can work with whatever substance you’re whirling up if air pockets form. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty (4 more years than other standard models on the market.)

A good rule of thumb for home purchases is the following: if you use something regularly (at least weekly, especially if it’s daily!), you should always buy quality. A dirt-cheap blender (or even one that you might have “borrowed” from your parent’s garage) is almost guaranteed to leave you frustrated with leaky pitchers and clumpy drinks. Say “No more!” to that boulder-sized ice or frozen fruit surprise in your morning smoothie or protein shake, and consider one of these 9 top-rated blenders under $200 (because sometimes a Vitamix is just not within monetary reach).

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Who has the best blender…? We’d go for the Cleanblend ($200), which makes creamier smoothies and piña coladas than our main pick… Its powerful 3-horsepower motor helps decimate berry seeds and ice…

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The Blender Experts gave us a great Review!

Really want a VitaMix but can’t afford one? This is the answer you have been searching for. Nearly an exact replica of the Vitamix, with all the power and features, the Cleanblend Blender is an unbeatable value. 3HP. 1800 watts. 200 bucks. This is a relatively new product but customer service is responsive and issues are resolved quickly.

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The CleanBlend 3HP 1800watts blender is a great choice as a powerful, affordable blender.

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KitchenGearPro.COM gave us a good review!

It is able to deliver professional results for a fraction of the cost and is definitely a good choice for those who are looking for a professional grade blender at a fraction of the cost of the Vitamix.

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